06 May

In all the hub-bub about Rob Bell’s book Love Wins, a number of us Bible-thumping, Jesus-story-hijacking, toxic Evangelicals have responded with virtual tomes of refutation.  Bell raises significant questions (350 of them by one person’s count!) and has a clear agenda of trying to prove that the traditional view of eternal conscious punishment should be replaced by a much better story.

Frankly, I think Pastor John Piper might have had the best response when he simply tweeted “Farewell, Rob Bell!”  Piper has been castigated for “dismissing Bell from the Evangelical fold.”  I think Bell did that quite well by himself.  Doug Pagitt criticized Piper for such a dismissive comment.  Some of us were castigated for criticizing Bell’s book before it was

"See ya', Rob."

released (the promo video was quite incendiary).   Pagitt skewers Piper for his tweet, accusing him of threatening all young Evangelicals of the penalty of following Bell!

Frankly, I’m going to side with Piper on this one.  Sarcasm can be either hurtful or therapeutic!  Sarcasm has a long tradition in the Scriptures (see the many OT texts which mock idolatry), and is used by the Lord Jesus on several occasions.

Sarcasm might bring someone to their senses, a verbal cup of cold water

thrown in the face as it were.  It might seem like pepper spray, but “peppered by Piper in the puss” might shock one back into Scriptural reality!

Discussion Questions:  What do you think?  Was Piper’s dismissive comment about Rob Bell well-intentioned sarcasm?  Wouldn’t it be GREAT if Dr. Piper responded to this blog with his explanation and comments?!


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  1. rob

    October 17, 2013 at 3:30 am

    I have listened to your preaching or lack of preaching in the video ahead and I say this , god come for abundance in life and he does not with hold any good thing to those who love him , you have everything he wants you to have once you say yes , but who does it serve living in poverty and he says to love and not judge I see that this is judgement . Do not mix your human belief with those of the gospel . I have seen jesus face to face and I can tell you how much love I have for every human being on this planet as he does , but I am human and I hold god above all things and I love you , I will be a world changer , do not spend time dwelling on those things not of love go out and make a difference the people in Africa and Asia will not see love and jesus in those words of hatred that you speak but in loving acts of those who’s hearts are transformed by the renewing of the mind , I bless you with the fathers heart and ask him to show you what love looks like and it is not hatred like you say in these things about cars those who have money have more to give blessed to be a blessing with out having money to send to Africa I would not be able to do as I do .. please pray with the lord and see what he is saying to you about this ..


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