13 Jun

I understand that an American woman lived in England for several years and then recently returned to the States.  She looked around at the traffic and the cars and said, “My goodness!  They’re all driving TANKS!”

Today’s SUV’s do look like tanks.  Consider the Hummer, for example.

I recently talked with a car dealer (not my favorite thing to do.  It ranks just below jumping into a pit of rattlesnakes while getting a root canal) who specializes in Hummers.  He said their most popular — and most pricey model — is the military Hummer.  “They all look military to me,” I said.

As the proud new owner of a Minicooper convertible (two of which could fit comfortably in the back seat of a Hummer), I agree with the lady’s comment.  If World War III ever took place on our shores, commuters and soccer moms are ready.   We just pray there will be enough gas to go around.

All of this to say that I take great comfort in the following biblical passages,

Deuteronomy 33:27 “The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms. He will drive out your enemies before you,”

2 Samuel 22:3 “my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield and the horn of my salvation. He is my stronghold, my refuge and my savior”

Psalm 5:11 “But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who love your name may rejoice in you.”

Psalm 34:8 “Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.”

We can try to find our refuge in many other things other than the Lord, can’t we?  But if the eternal God is our refugee, if He is our rock, we can rejoice in His protection.  And that’s a truth that gets me humming all the way to the bank, I mean, the church!

Discussion Questions:  How can you tell what or who your REFUGE is?  If we are constantly under attack in this world (and we are), how does God as our refuge help us?


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