03 Nov

We are loving grandparenthood!  I agree with the wag who said that grandchildren are God’s reward for not killing your own children.  Our two-year-old grandson Ryland Dixon lives in Baton Rouge with his parents, our son Brian and daughter-in-law Julie.  Brian has started a charter school in Baton Rouge, Mentorship Academy, and we are quite proud of him.

Our two-month-old grandson Isaac is our daughter Amy’s and son-in-law Thom’s son.  They live here in Columbia and we look for any excuse to go see them.

The Lord is good — and we are so thankful to Him for this stage in our lives.  One quick story:  Brian and Ryland were visiting with us the other week and our son was singing “With Jesus in the Boat we can smile at the storm” — and Ryland was filling in the word “boat.”  A few hours later, his aunt Amy tried to sing the song with Ryland.  He looked at her after she had sung the 1st line, waiting for him to say the word “boat,” and he said (rather indignantly), “DADDY BOAT!!!”

You have grandchildren?  Please feel free to add you comment below.  Have a great day!


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