“ABANDON ALL HOPE!” (Chapter 11)

15 Aug

~Chapter 11~

“Yo!  Bubba!”, old Mrs. McGillicutty called out as she rolled down her driver’s window.  “I need a fill-up and my windows done,” Sweetie.  “And don’t forget to check my oil!”
When no one answered her at Bubba’s Best Gas and Convenience Store, Mrs. McGillicutty slowly got out of her 1982 Cadillac Seville, groaning as her every joint reminded her that she was herself a classic of eighty-two years.
“Bubba!  Where are you, boy?”  She began walking over to the open garage bay.  “These kids nowadays.  He’s probably got one of those IPot thingies in his ears!  No wonder he can’t hear me!”
Despite her ignorance of modern technology, Mrs. G.(as her students called her) was not at all reluctant to find Bubba and give him a piece of her mind for not being more attentive to his customers.
As she entered the bay, she saw that there was a car on the lift, but the lift was down, not up.  “I can’t believe it.  He’s not even here!”, Mrs. G. said in exasperation to herself.
Just as she began walking back to her car, she saw a man’s leg sticking out from under the back of the lift.  “Oh, dear Lord!”, she exclaimed.  She quickly pushed the emergency red button on her “Senior Cell” phone and waited for the ambulance to arrive.
When the EMT’s came, they discovered that the lift had actually fallen on Bubba, but he was still breathing.  Only his excellent physical condition had saved his life.  If Mrs. G. had not come along when she did, he would have suffocated under that car.
Admitted to County Hospital, Bubba’s injuries were severe, but he would survive.  The broken ribs were extremely painful, and his first night in the hospital was spent heavily medicated.
No one really paid attention to the doctor who dropped by to check on Bubba around midnight.  The graveyard shift nurse, Mary Franklin, had only been at County for a couple of weeks, so she did not know all the attending physicians.
“Hello, Bubba,” said the visitor through his mask.  “You’re tougher than I thought!  I guess we’ll just have to be a bit more direct.”
When Mary Franklin made her 1 AM rounds, she checked Bubba’s IV, then began to take his pulse.  There was none.  He had died on her watch!  How awful.  Had she done something wrong?
But nurse Franklin had not been lax in her duties.  The medical examiner said that the only injury apparent on Bubba (apart from having had a car land on him) was several purple bruises around his mouth and nose.  Using a special black light, the ME concluded that the bruises were actually caused by a hand pressed firmly over Bubba’s face.  A right hand. (to be continued)


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  1. Theodore

    September 13, 2012 at 1:19 am

    Hi, I read your blogs regularly. Your humoristic style is witty, keep up the good work!


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