Lessons I’ve Learned from My Cat Buddy

18 Jul

KeynoteScreenSnapz138My cat Buddy has taught me — and is teaching me — a few lessons about life.

1.  It’s important to be loved by somebody.

2.  Contentment is worth its weight in gold.

3.  Life is too short to complain all the time.

4.  I’ve got claws that I can use if I need to.

5.  Having someone to trust completely lets me close my eyes and not worry about a thing.

6.  I’m left-handed!

7.  There are times when I look pretty good in some pictures.

8.  My life seems happier when the dog is asleep or in the house (when I’m on the front porch with my master).

9.  The joy I give others is worth the shed hair I leave behind.

10.  I may look like I’m dozing, but my ears are operating at peak efficiency and I can move in an instant to spring into action, but right now I’m pretty relaxed and enjoying life.  You?


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2 responses to “Lessons I’ve Learned from My Cat Buddy

  1. Tammie Hull

    July 18, 2013 at 7:51 am

    yes, my animals teach me a lot 🙂 too.

  2. Amy L. Dixon Watson

    July 18, 2013 at 8:57 am

    Very true!! Really resonate with # 5. And remember, Buddy is still technically my cat (even though he lives with you and I’m allergic to him…haha!) Still need to find you that picture of the neighbor dog through the wood fence. 🙂


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