Who Gives a HOOT about Good Theology? (time for a good quote)

27 Apr

“The disappearance of theology from the life of the Church, and the FirefoxScreenSnapz489orchestration of that disappearance by some of its leaders, is hard to miss today, but oddly enough, not easy to prove. It is hard to miss in the evangelical world–in the vacuous worship that is so prevalent, for example, in the shift from God to the self as the central focus of faith, in the psychologized preaching that follows this shift, in the erosion of its conviction, in its strident pragmatism, in its inability to think incisively about the culture, in its reveling in the irrational.”

1.  Have you noticed the disappearance of theology in your church?  What evidence did you find of its disappearance?

2.  What is one suggestion you would make to re-focus our attention on the centrality of a solid, biblical theology?
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