Time for a Great Cartoon! (research)

04 Feb

ch870420Research is not a “gift of the gods,” as someone has said.  It is essentially the application of hard work, quality time, and sustained effort at pursuing a topic of interest.  Because I get to teach a course entitled “Theological Methods and Issues,” I am constantly thinking of vital topics for my seminary and grad students to pursue.

For some, they need a refresher on basic grammar and form issues Screen Shot 2015-01-01 at 9.02.47 AMso that their quality research will not be tainted by comma splices, dangling participles, or split infinitives (or other violent acts committed against unsuspecting parts of speech).

I’ve recently completed a short booklet to help my students with some of these errors.  If you’re interested, you may order a copy from me directly for the paltry sum of $7 (includes postage) — or — you may order this off

Screen Shot 2015-01-01 at 9.13.55 AMI enjoyed writing this booklet, creating fictional students with names like Shirl B. Minus, Tah-ke D. Cash, Wadda I. Know, Noah Lot, Urs B. Mine, Will B. Rite, and Y.B. Checkin, leading us into the forest of common mistakes.

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