Time for a Great Cartoon! (entitlement)

23 Jun

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How does our culture engender a sense of ENTITLEMENT? This attitude is expressed in various ways: “The world owes me a living!” “I deserve to be happy!” “I have a right to live my life for myself!”

Our western culture fulfills all of our desires IF we have the time or money to indulge them.  Our constitution, some would say, guarantees the right to pursue life, liberty, and happiness!  It is positively unAmerican to deny me these inalienable rights!

Christianity teaches that we earn respect as we earn our living.  Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 7.16.05 AMThe world owes us nothing.  God owes us nothing.  Life is a gift of God’s grace.  Unthankfulness is a primary sin of a culture which has not only turned away from God, but worships the creation rather than the Creator (see Romans 1)!

God created us in His image, but He also created the possibility of idolatry when He created Adam — Adam could choose to simply worship himself.  Entitlement flows out of a self-worship that wants others to join the congregation,  The spirit or attitude of entitlement is the polar opposite of the Christian virtue of thankfulness and appreciation for grace.  Entitlement greedily demands; thankfulness gratefully receives.  Entitlement focuses on self; thankfulness focuses on God and His mercies.

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