Time for a Great Cartoon! (victimized by virtue?)

09 Nov

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Boy, is our culture messed up, or what? Once again, Watterson has put his finger on a contemporary dilemma — the conflict between a desire for moral values and the notion of “tolerance.”

For those who are Jesus-followers, we must disagree with the premise that “every system of belief is equally valid.”  Although missionaries have taken it on the chin for “destroying cultures” (by imposing Western “values” on them), wherever biblical Christianity has gone, the morals of a culture have been improved for the better.

One thinks of the Hindu practice of Sati (Sanskrit: satī, also spelled suttee), an obsolete Indian funeral custom where a widow immolated herself on her husband’s pyre, or committed suicide in another fashion shortly after her husband’s death.  One article states, “By the early 1800s, British officials and missionaries became more aggressive in their condemnation of sati, although their accounts continued to have subtle praise for the wifely devotion of Hindu widows.”  Even the missionaries needed their “notions of virtuous behavior” challenged by Scripture, didn’t they?  An excellent article on Sati can be viewed here.

Has the Lord “victimized” your notions of virtuous behavior recently?

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