The Joy of Unit-Reading #10 (the book of 2 Corinthians)

05 Dec

We are on a journey of unit-reading 65 of the 66 books ofScreenshot 2015-11-15 07.04.26 the Bible. By “unit-reading,” we mean reading through the book at one sitting (I’m not sure the book of Psalms is meant to be read that way). The overall theme or focus of many of the books of God’s Word will be readily seen when one sits down (with a strong cup of coffee or two) and reads straight through the book.

What a fascinating book — 2 Corinthians!  Some of the themes that jump out at me are the themes of persecution, the need for comfort and for comforting others, and the deceptiveness of our enemy Satan. (you see some of my brief notes on the right).


(1) Am I expecting at least a little persecutionScreenshot 2015-11-15 07.12.14 as a believer?

(2) Where might I comfort another brother or sister in Christ?

(3) What do I learn from Paul’s “thorn in the flesh”?

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