Telling the Truth!

19 Jan

What a great commercial against smoking! The only product that kills 1/3 of those who use it.  That’s THE TRUTH — unembellished, unedited, raw.   Someone has said that “Apart from blunt truth, our lives sink decadently amid the perfume of hints and suggestions.”

Many people don’t want THE TRUTH!  But we need to tell it, share it, defend it.  C.S. Lewis once said, “If Christianity is untrue, then no honest man will want to believe it, however helpful it might be: if it is true, every honest man will want to believe it, even if it gives him no help at all.” (Man or Rabbit?)

Flannery O’Connor said, “The truth does not change according to our ability to Screenshot 2015-12-24 09.47.53stomach it.” Francis Bacon put it this way: “People prefer to believe what they prefer to be true.”

Christians are supposed to speak the truth — but to it in love. And that’s the challenge, isn’t it?  Some of us are pretty good at truth-telling; others good at loving.  But to combine the two?  That’s tough.

Your thoughts?

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