Time for a Great Cartoon! (simple truth)

05 Feb

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 6.07.59 PM

The pure, sweet truth.  Or a vile, contemptible lie.  At least in Calvin’s world he recognizes that truth can be known.  How one goes about knowing the truth,  however, for Calvin, is completely a matter of chance!

Christians affirm that “one’s heart cannot rejoice in what one’s mind rejects as false.”  There are good and sufficient reasons for holding to the Christian faith.  Evidences can be examined; alternative viewpoints can be critiqued; conclusions (some tentative, some firm) can be drawn.  The process is something like this:

Screenshot 2015-12-18 05.30.42

As you examine the many facets of biblical Christianity, aren’t you grateful for the abundance of facts that warrant your trust in Jesus? We don’t commit intellectual suicide when we choose to follow the God of the universe! That’s a conclusion for which we need no coin-flip!

Your thoughts?

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