The Most Interesting Man in the Universe! Part 4

09 Mar

I do not usually write a post inspired by beer commercials, but when I do — it’s by the beer Dos Equis!  (an inside joke).  These commercials I find humorous and thought-provoking as they recount amazing facts about a fictional character — “the Most Interesting Man in the World” (who drinks this particular beer).

The actor who plays “the most interesting man in the world” is Screenshot 2015-12-31 06.13.37Jonathan Goldsmith, a 73-year-old journeyman actor who has become so big that Michael Jordan recently asked to have his picture taken with him.

Described as a James Bond-meets-Ernest Hemingway character, Mr. Goldsmith auditioned for the part in 2006.  The beer company was motivated by the idea that “more than anything else, [drinkers] really wanted to be seen as interesting by their friends.”

A self-described Russian Jew from New York, Mr. Goldsmith and his third wife Barbara talked about his life before Dos Equis.  He was “asked to leave” New York University Screenshot 2015-12-31 06.12.02as a young man because he partied too much and had a fling with one of his professors. His psychiatrist suggested he enroll in acting school, went to Hollywood and promptly found himself driving a garbage truck filled with industrial waste.  But later he landed character parts in “Gunsmoke,” “Hawaii Five-O,” “Knight Rider” and “Dallas.”

Mr. Goldsmith described his character as “every guy’s fantasy,” whose old-world charm and “rustic elegance” contrast with today, when “the days of gentlemen and chivalry are long since gone.  “Although he lives well, this man has the accoutrements of wealth and there is also an elegance of relationships,” the actor added. “He hangs out with pygmies. He’s a teacher. He’s a sage. He’s a shaman. He’s a fantasy. He’s an illusion of things past.”

The campaign’s also looks to push boundaries. Last year, this led to some trouble, when a billboard that read “Approach women like you would wild animals, with caution and a soothing voice,” drew complaints from women’s groups and was pulled.  One thing people won’t see is Mr. Goldsmith making public-relations appearances, or showing up in TV programs or movies, as the Most Interesting Man. Heineken USA has said it has turned down plenty of offers because it does not want the character to overshadow the brand.

“I always looked down on commercials.” He said he never wanted to be in them. But “it’s the best thing that ever happened to me in my life.”

A few more of the lines used about “the most interesting man in the world”:

1.    In museums, he is allowed to touch the art.
2.    He once won the Tour-de-France, but was disqualified for riding a unicycle.
3.    Roses stop to smell him.
4.    Bigfoot tries to get pictures of him.
5.    He has taught old dogs a variety of new tricks.
6.    He once had an awkward moment, just to see how it feels.

I am certainly not trying to be irreverent, but these statements about this fictional character challenge me to ask a critical question: How is Jesus different?  Or one could put it as a statement —

Why JESUS is the most interesting man in the UNIVERSE:

Screenshot 2015-12-31 06.22.111. He never bored anyone — ever!

2.  He has promised never to leave any person who has trusted Him.  Never.

3.  His earthly life is worthy of intense study and imitation.

4. He is the focus of the Father’s love.

5. He and the Father have sent the Third Person of the Trinity (the Holy Spirit) to all those who belong to Him by faith.

6.  He is coming back to fetch His followers and to live with them forever.



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