Blessed Palm Sunday! (Part 3 of 3)

18 Mar

We have been thinking about the beginning of Holy Week, Screenshot 2016-03-16 06.05.31the Triumphal Entry of Jesus into Jerusalem.  Called “Palm Sunday” because the crowds welcomed Jesus by waving or strewing palm branches in His path, this event presents Jesus as the Savior/King who would redeem Israel.

However, He did not come to redeem Israel from Roman oppression.  In fulfillment of prophecies from Zechariah (and from Isaiah), Jesus came not as a conquering King on a stallion, but as a humble Burden-Bearer on a donkey.  He came to “give His life a ransom for many,” Mark’s gospel tells us (10:45).

Here are several questions that I need to answer for myself based on this event recorded in all four gospels (Mt. 21, Mk. 11, Lk. 19, and Jn. 12):

Is He the One who comes gently into your life, bearing the burden of your sin on the cross?

Is He the One who receives the joyful praise of your heart?

Is He the One over whom creation rejoices — and, if Screenshot 2016-03-16 06.15.08people didn’t praise Him, the very rocks themselves would sing of His glory?

Is He the One who weeps over your sin, knowing that without repentance destruction awaits every sinner?

Is He the One who does things in your life that you do not understand, will not understand, until you see Him face-to-face, but you trust Him anyway?

Is He the One who might very well allow someone you love to die — knowing that He is the resurrection and the life — and the one who belongs to Him will never die?

Is He the One who even if the whole world goes after Him — or no one at all — He is still worthy of your faith, your life, your very next breath?

Screenshot 2016-03-16 06.20.00

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