The Joy of Unit-Reading #28 (the book of Philippians)

21 Mar

Soooo — How’s it going with UNIT-READING?  Are you unit-reading (= reading the whole book at one sitting) any books of the Bible?  I believe there are some advantages to doing so.  I would love to hear what books you have unit-read.

Today’s book is the wonderful epistle of Philippians.Screenshot 2016-01-31 07.48.34

There is much in this epistle on JOY, isn’t there?  JOY can be contagious — and every believer ought to show the joy of the Lord.  True, we have different personalities, but some evidence of a joy of the Lord ought to mark every believer.

How do you express your joy in the Lord?  Do you enthusiastically greet the people who serve you in Starbucks or wherever?  Are you friendly and kind to strangers.  Would others say that your joy is infectious (in a good way)?

One Takeaway:  Today I want to show the joy of the Lord in my words, face, and actions!

Screenshot 2016-01-31 08.00.19

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