The Joy of Unit-Reading #29 (the Book of James)

24 Mar

Friends:  We’ve been working our way through the Screenshot 2016-02-03 06.10.40books of the Bible by seeking to unit-read them.  Unit-reading is reading straight through a book without stopping.  Today’s book is the epistle of James and I read it in The Message.  Here are a few of my notes:

I need to learn to pray God’s Word back to Him — so here’s a prayer for me, informed by the Epistle of James:

“Lord, I can talk a pretty good game.  But I want my faith to be real and authentic and trial-tested.  I want to stop underestimating my inner proclivity to pursue my own way, to follow the dictates of my desires, to separate belief and behavior.  I don’t want to flirt with the world or dabble in sin, but to be wholly devoted to Your truth as it sometimes painfully works its way through me.  I want to recognize that often my greatest enemy is my own tongue, an incendiary bomb which looks to blow up others!  I want to care — to deeply care — about those I know who have wandered off.  Please give me wisdom in reaching out to them, letting them know I care about them, offering them my ears and my prayers that they may turn from destruction!  And please keep my heart from wandering.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.”

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