The Joy of Unit-Reading #30 (the book of 2 Timothy)

26 Mar

What an adventure we have been on! We’ve been unit-reading through the books of the Bible and are now into our thirtieth book — 2 Timothy! What a great letter of encouragement to those who are involved in Screenshot 2016-02-04 06.01.59ministry! Here are some of my notes:

There is so much in this little epistle.  Paul charges Timothy to do his best work in the Lord, not overlooking the fact that there will be false teachers who will seek to lead God’s people astray.

Suffering is a big theme in this letter.

Here’s my prayer in light of 2 Timothy:

“Lord, thank You for Paul’s clear instructions about fulfilling my ministry!  Give me wisdom, courage, and kindness as I seek to do just that.  Help me both to guard that good deposit and to pass it on to others who will faithfully do the same.  Give me kindness toward others, Lord, and don’t let me be surprised by any suffering that comes my way!  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.”

Your thoughts?

Screenshot 2016-02-04 06.07.46

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