The Joy of Unit-Reading #32 (the Gospel of John)

30 Mar

What an amazing book — the Gospel of John! Screenshot 2016-02-14 07.06.24 Here are a few notes I took:

There is so much here.  It is readily apparent that John’s purpose in writing this book is BELIEF IN JESUS!  Consider taking a Bible you don’t mind marking up, my friend, and highlight every reference to BELIEF or BELIEVE in the Gospel of John.  It is astounding!

Another similar theme that would be fascinating to follow in this book would be WHO IS THIS JESUS?  He makes a variety of claims which lead people to either violently reject Him or gratefully welcome Him.

I get to preach at Southbrook Church in Charlotte on Palm Sunday and will probably use the question WHO IS THIS JESUS? as I trace some of His claims in John’s Gospel before looking at His triumphal entry.  Please pray for me as I prepare that message. (Prayers can work retroactively, don’t you think?)

What is one takeaway from John’s Gospel?  Wow, a hard question!  For me, I need to ask myself, “Do I really believe in all that Jesus claimed for Himself?”  If so, then everything in my life ought to be His!


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