The Joy of Unit-Reading #33 (the Epistle of Second Thessalonians)

01 Apr

How’s it going with your unit-reading?  Today we tackle Screenshot 2016-02-17 06.03.00the three-chapter epistle of 2 Thessalonians.  (I’m running out of shorter books!).  Here are a few notes which I took:

There is much in this short letter. Here is my takeaway for today:

Somehow I can live in such as way that I am “counted worthy” of God’s kingdom and His calling in my life.  One aspect of that kind of life is that I should love the truth, believe the truth, and obey the truth!

My prayer:

“Lord, I am not worthy of Your grace or favor, yet You have saved me. Help me today to respond to Your kindness in a way which shows Your on-going work in my life.  And help me to hang onto the eternal encouragement which You give!  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.”

Screenshot 2016-02-17 06.09.21


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