The Joy of Unit-Reading #38 (the Epistle to the Philippians)

11 Apr

What a privilege to have God’s Word — and to able to read it! Most of the books of the Bible can be profitably “unit-read,” which means to read straight through the book without stopping.

We are so addicted to chapter and verse divisions, aren’t we? There might be some versions of the Bible out there without chapter and verse divisions, but I don’t know of any.

Today’s book is Philippians. Here are Screenshot 2016-02-24 07.57.48my notes:

There are many takeaways from this wonderful letter, but let me give you only one:

My takeaway:  I want to boast in the Lord and in the Lord’s people without reservation and without hesitation!

Screenshot 2016-02-24 08.02.47

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