Happy Tax Day!!! A memory and a joke . . .

15 Apr

Friends: For most of us April 15th is the worst day of the year. We have to pay taxes! Just the word “taxes” makes us grit our teeth.

For me, April 15 reminds me of a very Screenshot 2016-02-26 07.14.38happy day in my life. You see, back in 1985 I passed the oral defense of my Ph.D. program at Drew University, and the three professors who examined me (or rather my dissertation on “The Pneumatology of John Nelson Darby”) gave me the thumbs up sign. I had finished my doctoral program, by God’s grace, successfully!

My bet is April 15th is not a great day for you for reminiscing. How about for laughing at a tax joke?

Screenshot 2016-02-26 07.16.38A letter was received by the IRS a few years ago that read: “A number of years ago I cheated on my taxes. My conscience has been troubling me terribly. That’s why I’m including an extra check for $100. If my conscience continues to bother me, I’ll send a check for the rest!”

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