The Joy of Unit-Reading #41 (the First Epistle to the Corinthians)

18 Apr

Man, did the Corinthian church have a lot of problems! Man, do we today have a lot of problems! This first epistle to the Corinthians has so much in it — It was a delight to unit-read (read straight through at one sitting) this letter by Paul. Here are some of my notes:
Screenshot 2016-02-28 06.18.56

Some have contrasted Paul’s “not with persuasive words” Screenshot 2016-02-28 06.34.50statement in chapter 2 with his use of logic and philosophy in Acts 17.  They have concluded that Paul saw the error of his way in Acts 17 and now has abandoned the use of reason and apologetics. (See Norm Geisler’s article “An Apologetic for Apologetics” article found here which thoroughly refutes this view).  We believe that Paul is not turning from his use of apologetics in Acts 17.

One takeaway:  When I hear Christians say, “Oh, that we were more like the First-Century Church!”, I wonder — do they mean the church at Corinth?  the church at Galatia?  The First-Century Church had its problems!  But, because He is RISEN, we have every reason to believe that whatever we do for the Lord is not in vain!

My prayer for today:  “Lord, we are such a wayward, self-seeking, divisive bunch of sheep.  Please help me set the example of loving Your people and standing for Your Word which meets our deepest needs!  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.”

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