Time for a Great Cartoon: Taken Your Spiritual Pulse Lately?

23 Apr

Screenshot 2016-03-07 06.02.18

We all did this when we were children. Faked a cough, put the thermometer by the radiator so it would look like we had a fever. Complained of a sore throat. All to get one precious day off of school.

They ought to give you a certain number of days to play hooky — just because it’s healthy to do so!

This cartoon made me think this morning — Have I taken my spiritual temperature lately? How am I doing in my walk with the Lord? Here are a couple of questions that occurred to me which you might want to ask yourself:

1. Do I get excited about the things of Christ — His Word, His plan, Screenshot 2016-03-07 06.13.27His presence with me?
2. Do I look at other people as falling into two and only two categories: the saved and the lost?
3. Do I spend more time in prayer praying about my needs or the needs of others?
4. In the decisions I will make today, will I take the time to ask, “What would the Lord want me to do?”
5. Has my love for Christ and His priorities become somewhat lukewarm?

The great thing about being a believer in Jesus is that I can honestly admit where I fall short in my walk with Him, repent, and begin anew.  Any of these resonate with you?  Post your comment!

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