The Joy of Unit-Reading #50 (the Book of II Kings)

07 May

Wow. What an amazing book — the book of II Kings! There are various rulers of Israel, most of whom turned from the Lord and practiced terrible sins. God was deeply involved in supporting and, at times, punishing His people with invading armies.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 6.40.40 AM

I know these notes are small, but here are a couple of truths which I got from the book of II Kings —
1. It is a capital offense to consult other gods! (1:4)
2. How we envision the Lord to meet our needs often stands in the way of simple obedience (5:1ff)
3. There is a spiritual reality which is real which we normally cannot see (6:17ff).
4. The Lord is able to afflict people with disease (15:1ff), even sending lions to punish His people (17:25).
5. In His anger, the Lord thrust His people from His presence (24:20).

My prayer:  “Lord, make me aware of Your anger at idolatry and help me today to simply obey You!  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.”



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