Search Party (Mitch Hedberg)

16 May

As some of you know, my son and I took stand-up comedy lessons over a year ago. If you haven’t seen my six-minute set, you might want to watch it here.

One of the most talented stand-ups was the late Mitch Hedberg. Mitch died of a drug overdose — a tragic loss. Here’s a brief clip from one of his performances.

What a talent!  Do you see yourself as part of a search party?  A search party is concerned that someone else is LOST and goes out of its way, ceases its normal activities of the day, to look for that person.  May I ask, for whom are you looking?

One of the primary ways of describing sinners (like you and me) is lost.  And we need to be found by the grace of God.  And God uses His children to find those who are lost.  Are we looking?

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