If You Could Have Dinner with Anyone . . . (Family)

19 May

What a fascinating interview! (Loved the last line of one of the children:  “What are we having for dinner?”)  Our culture seems to be strategically targeting families and their time together.  Whether it’s racing to sporting events, dance or art classes, or some form of scouts, our children — and our grandchildren — are at risk of missing a critical time for family conversation — dinner!

What ideas have helped you as a mom or dad to safeguard that time with your children?

Please post your comments!

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One response to “If You Could Have Dinner with Anyone . . . (Family)

  1. The Seeking Disciple

    May 19, 2016 at 9:27 am

    When I’m off work, I spend much time with my three boys. We do life together. We talk about everything from God to video games. We homeschool which helps us build a biblical worldview into their minds. My prayer is for their salvation.


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