The Joy of Unit-Reading #62 (the Book of Job)

06 Oct


 We are almost done unit-reading the books of the Bible. Unit-reading is reading straight through a book at one sitting. I’ve been mostly successful so far. Some books are easier than others to unit-read. Here are my notes on this critical book of Job:

Some Notes on the Book of Job

1:1- In the land of OZ?
1:1-5- Earthly scene (wealth of Job)Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 2.45.09 PM
1:6-12- Heavenly scene: Satan and Job’s wealth
1:13-19- Job’s multiple tragedies/interrupting bad news deliverers
1:20-22- Job’s response
2:1-7- Heavenly scene: Satan & Job’s health
2:8-13- Job’s condition; his wife’s words; Job doesn’t sin; Job’s three friends.
3:1ff- Job curses his birth — searching for death as for a hidden treasure!
chs. 4-5-  Round One with Eliphaz:  the innocent don’t perish; a night vision re being more righteous than God; discipline by God
Chs. 6-7- Job’s Response to Eliphaz:  God’s poisoned arrows are in me; my friends are no help; God gives me nightmares; leave me alone, God!; I’ve become your target!
Ch. 8- Round One with Bildad:  your kids sinned against God; repent and become prosperous again!; analogies of ungodly people who forget God; you can’t be blameless!
Chs. 9-10- Job’s Response to Bildad:  the innocent can’t defend themselves before God; God’s omnipotence; would crush me & multiply my wounds for no reason; God is unjust to the innocent; I need a human mediator; ch. 10- I hate my life; God is oppressing me; I am not guilty; your forces & witnesses come against me wave upon wave; I wish I had never been born (from womb to tomb); description of place of no return.
Ch. 11- Round One with Zophar:  idle talker!  God has even forgotten some of your sin!; God’s omniscience!; put way your sin and life will be good!
Chs. 12-14- Job’s Response to Zophar:  physical creation is well aware of His power and knowledge; ch. 13- want my day in court w/ God; “worthless physicians, all of you!”; speaking wickedly on God’s behalf; proverbs of ashes/defenses of clay; though he slay me . . . .; I’m God’s enemy; man wastes away like something rotten! ch. 14- man dies and is no more; if someone dies, will they live again?; you will cover over my sin;
Ch. 15- Round Two with Eliphaz:  you’re speaking out of your sin; arguments of seniors; mortals drink up evil like water; the wicked get theirs in this life (really?);
Chs. 16-17- Job’s Response to Eliphaz:  “miserable comforters, all of you!”; God gnashing His teeth at me; made me His target; the path of no return; ch. 17- devastation; hoping for the grave
Ch. 18- Round Two with Bildad:  characteristics of the wicked; are you sure you know God?
Ch. 19- Job’s response to Bildad:  10X you’ve attacked me!; God has wronged me & drawn his net around me; counts me among his enemies; family & friends have forgotten me; breath offensive to my wife; God’s pursuing me; I know my redeemer lives; in my flesh I will see God
Ch. 20- Round Two with Zophar: joy of the godless lasts but a moment; the wicked will be punished in this life;
Ch. 21- Job’s Response to Zophar:  listen — and then mock on!; why do the wicked live on?; no concern for the Almighty; both the wicked & the righteous die; your counsel is nonsense!
Ch. 22- Round Three with Eliphaz:  Your sins must be endless!; Job’s (supposed) social sins; repent and be restored!
Chs. 23- 24-Job’s Response to Eliphaz:  I want to state my case before him; I’ve treasured his wds. more than my daily bread; God terrifies me! ch. 24- God needs to judge the wicked who oppress the fatherless children!; murderers, adulterers, and thieves — make friends w/ the terrors of darkness; God will judge them after death?
Ch. 25- Round Three with Bildad:  no one can be righteous before God; we’ve but worms!
Ch. 26- Job’s Response to Bildad:  biting sarcasm!; God suspends the earth over nothing; His power — the outer fringe of his works.
Ch. 27- Job’s Final Word to his friends:  God has denied me justice, made my life bitter; I’ll never admit you all are right; the fate God allots the wicked!
Ch. 28- Interlude: Where Wisdom Is Found: fear of the Lord is wisdom; shunning evil is understanding!
Chs. 29-31- Job’s Final Defense:  misses God’s intimate friendship, respect from young & old; his social works; drank in my words; ch. 30 – being mocked by the young men; a byword among them; my life ebbs away; God throws me into the mud, reduced to dust and ashes; God attacks me; only wailing; ch. 31- sexual purity; let the Almighty hear my defense (list of sins he’s not guilty of);
Chs. 32-37- Elihu’s Speech:  Job was righteous in his own eyes; Elihu angry for Job justifying himself rather than God; angry with the Three for failing to refute Job; refers to his youth; none of you has answered Job; ch. 33- God does speak in dreams, etc., thru pain, to turn them back from the pit; ch. 34- Job keeps company w/ evildoers, says there’s no profit in trying to please God; it’s unthinkable that God would do wrong; will you condemn the Just and mighty One?; should God reward you on your terms when you refuse to repent?; to your sin you add rebellion; ch. 35- God’s impassibility; God takes no notice of wickedness?; ch. 36- one who has perfect knowledge is with you; cords of affliction = sinned arrogantly; God is wooing you; you prefer evil to affliction; ch. 37- God and weather;
Ch. 38-41- The Lord Speaks:  Goes on the offensive!; where were you at creation?; sarcasm (v. 21); ch. 39- further on animal world; ch. 40- let him who accuses God answer him!; Job:  I am unworthy!; God to Job: I will question you!; condemn me to justify yourself?; ch. 41- who has a claim against me that I must pay?
Ch. 42- Job answers the Lord:  I despise myself and repent in dust and ashes!  Epilogue:  Lord to Eliphaz: angry with you and your two friends; truth about me; Job and sacrifice and prayer; not acc. to your folly!  The Three do this (where is Elihu?).  Job intercedes for his friends; fortunes restored.  Console him over all the trouble the Lord had brought on him.  Lord’s blessings on Job.  Job’s death.


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