01 Nov

screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-3-35-24-pmPlease join me in praying for the person who might well be our next president — Hillary Clinton!

I am not happy with either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, but they are our two candidates.  One of them will be our next president.

Therefore, we who know God through the Lord Jesus Christ must pray!  We must pray for a deep revival in our land which begins at the very top, including our next president!

May I suggest several items of prayer for Hillary?

 1. Pray for her personal relationship to God! I don’t know her heart, but I know of no clear testimony as to her saving faith in the Lord Jesus. A dose of religion, perhaps, but no clear statement of her conversion to biblical Christianity.

2. Pray for her husband Bill! His affair with Monica Lewinsky compromised his moral character — and was a tragic misuse of his power. Pray that he would come to know Christ and would seek to make his marriage to Hillary strong and biblical.

3. Pray for our country! Our hope must not be in finite, fallible, fallen human leaders, but in the God who establishes government for the preservation of good and the judgment of evil.

Will you join me in praying every day for Hillary? And especially IF she becomes our next president?

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