Preparing for the “Iron Sharpens Iron” Conference (Emmaus May 25-28) Workshop #1 (con’t)

07 May

Emmaus Bible College’s “Iron Sharpens Iron” conference is coming up — and I have two workshops to prepare!  The theme this year is ‘Training for Godliness” and I will be presenting two workshops:  “Guarding and Discarding: The Keys to Sound Theology (1 Timothy 6:20-21)” and “Sanctified Hedonism: The Case for “Worldly Saints” (1 Timothy 4:1-5).”

Let’s focus on the first one this morning: “Guarding and Discarding: The Keys to Sound Theology (1 Timothy 6:20-21)”

As we read in I Timothy 6:20-21, we learn that God has entrusted to Timothy something.  God has given him the gospel — and he is to guard it.  Guarding does not mean we seal up the gospel, get it out of sight, hide it under a bushel (NO!).  We guard it by (1) knowing it clearly, and (2) sharing it faithfully.  The gospel is not meant to be locked in a vault and kept away from strangers.  As the Good News of God, the gospel is meant to be shared — and that means it will be available for challenge, criticism, rejection, consideration.

Guarding the gospel assumes that the gospel will be under attack.  But if it is not shared, it is in no danger of attack — and it is not available to save anyone!  Why do we not share the gospel?  Pastor Steve Brown once said, “When I share the gospel, I’m afraid of what people will think of Jesus and I’m afraid of what they will think about me.  But mostly, I’m afraid of what they will think about ME.”

Ready to guard the gospel today?  Then — share it with someone!  Sometimes we share only a small part of the gospel.

Please describe (in the Comments section) your experience of sharing the gospel with someone today, even if you only share a bit of the gospel.  (to be continued)


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