What Are YOU Swallowing?

30 May

“I’m afraid we have no other choice than surgery!”, Dr. Knittel said to me.

“That’s the only solution, Doc?”

“Yep.  We’ve got to find out what that object is that he swallowed and take it out.  Otherwise, he will die.”

Our dog Scrabble hadn’t eaten or drunk for over two weeks.  Each night we had to syringe water into his throat, which he promptly spit up.

A visit to our local big box pet clinic concluded that he had a case of pancreatitis and prescribed an antibiotic.  X-rays were taken and showed a mass in his lower intestine.

Fortunately, my vet friend agreed to look at Scrabble.  He called us after performing surgery on our dog and said, “I have good news.  He’s going to be fine.  I had to remove three large rubber objects in his lower intestine.”

My wife and I still don’t know what those objects are.  The stupid dog swallowed them for some reason — and they would have eventually killed him.

We swallow things too, don’t we?  Ideas that haven’t even a trace of truth to them.  Beliefs that might be popular but are pernicious and deadly.  And we become, uh, dogmatic about them!

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