Jonah — Belief Contradicted by Behavior! (Part 4)

04 Aug

Preaching against a culture’s wickedness is a dangerous thing.  Jonah’s response to the Lord’s call is to FLEE.  His fleeing, as we learn later in the book, is not because he feared persecution from the Ninevites, but their repentance at the message of judgment!

Repentance seems to be a lost factor in today’s conversions to Christianity.   When we reduce salvation down to merely a simple affirmation of certain propositions, we reduce Christianity to an intellectual perspective instead of a total life change.

“But Jonah ran away from the Lord . . .”  Here’s a map showing Jonah’s apostasy:

Geography was never my strong suit in high school. Or college. Or life. But this map makes it crystal clear that Jonah was taking the most direct route away from the Lord!

Jonah’s non-verbal response to the Lord’s command raises an important question for me:  Is there any evidence in my life of my trying to flee from the omnipresent God?  What is the Tarshish in my life? (to be continued)




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