Jonah: Belief Contradicted by Behavior (Part 22)

22 Aug

Analyzing another person’s prayers is always a dangerous thing.  But Jonah 2 was given so that we might learn some valuable lessons.  And his prayer meeting inside the sea creature’s gullet assures us that wherever we are, we can pray!

I pray when my distress meter is starting to max out.  How about you?

I know that I need to see my circumstances in life as actions of God in drawing me to Himself.  True, I’ve not been tossed overboard by newly-converted formerly pagan sailors to calm an angry sea, but I am living in the world God made — and He wants me to serve Him with all the energy I can muster.

Often, however, I resort to IDOLATRY!  Yes!  A veteran, 67-year-old theologian who ought to know better!  I value other things more than the Lord and make decisions based on what I think are my best interests!  You don’t think you lapse (or dive) into idolatry from time to time?  Check out Tim Keller’s book and read it with an open mind.

Clinging to any idols today?  Some of my more dangerous ones are: self-sufficiency, autonomy, respect, pride, etc.  Got any that you dare to list in the Comment section below?  (to be continued)



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