Ten Habits That Have Helped Me in My Christian Life (Habit #8)

08 Jan

My paternal grandmother had a nasty habit. She chewed tobacco and had a real spittoon! We grandkids would go to hug her and she would turn her head and have to spit into her spittoon. Disgusting habit.

I’m sure I have some disgusting habits too! If we are asking the question, what holy habits should I incorporate into my life?, we could also ask, what disgusting habits should be replaced by those holy habits?

Let’s review briefly. If I’m spending serious time reading the Word of God, that is replacing the habit of not paying attention to what He has given in the Scriptures. If I am praying as I ought, that replaces the disgusting habit of trusting myself to meet my own needs. If I am seeking to develop a continual thankfulness for all the Lord is doing in my life, that certainly replaces any sense of self-accomplishment and ungodly independence. If I am pursuing a healthy habit of solitude, that means I’m replacing the habit of simply being by myself as an introvert. If I am intentionally looking for opportunities to share Jesus with others, that replaces the habit of putting my own interests before His. If I am trying to be a better friend to others, that means I am working hard at being a friend of sinners like Jesus was. That replaces a long-standing practice by Christians of only being with the redeemed, Beloved! If I am trying to be quick to forgive, that certainly replaces my natural tendency to keep score of offenses done against me!

An eight habit that I’m working on a spirit of submission. What I mean is best illustrated by the picture of my two hands, palms up, lifted to heaven. This expresses my willingness to do whatever the Lord calls me to do.

This habit differs greatly from the WHATEVER of our culture that doesn’t care what happens or has no interest in doing the will of God. When a teen sneers, “Whatever!”, we older adults cringe at the apparent lack of concern for what is important. My WHATEVER ought to flow from a heart that says, “Lord, I’m yours and I will do what You want me to do. I’ll go where you want me to go. You’re in charge. What’s my assignment today?” (to be continued)

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