Back to the Basics! Bibliology #5 Special Revelation!

27 Feb

It is quite logical that an infinite/personal God who created man in His image would want to communicate with man.  It is reasonable to assume that such a God, especially if He is described as loving and merciful and relational would want to connect with His creature.

And such is the biblical story.  We did not evolve.  We did not preexist on some other planet.  We were created by the only God who is.  And we were “made in His image.”  That expression (which we will examine more closely when we look at Anthropology) involves communicative skills.  We communicate with one another — why can’t God communicate with us?

The Bible’s claim is that He has communicated with us, in sixty-six books or sections of the Bible, to be exact.  The “Old Testament” is composed of 37 such books, ranging from historical documents to narratives to poetry to prophecy.  The unity of the incredible variety of the Bible is one of its most amazing features!

General revelation referred to God’s communicating truth to all people at all times everywhere (nature, human nature, history).  Special revelation refers to God’s selecting certain people or groups to receive His truth — and to write it down for future generations.  That’s what the Bible professes to be!  The inscripturated (theologians love big words) record of God’s words and works for the benefit of God’s creation.

The process of recognizing which books belong in the holy canon (that collection of books deemed inspired by God) is a critical issue and may be studied further here.  All religions have holy books.  Why the Bible and not the Qu’ran or the Book of Mormon or the Bhagavad Gita?  (Here‘s a good article on other religious writings).

We may have confidence that the Bible and the Bible alone is God’s written word to man.  But a book, as someone has said, if not read, is just a block of paper!

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