One Hundred Questions about the Book of GALATIANS! (Ch. 2)

24 Apr

I get to teach the book of Galatians to students at Word of Life, Jeju Island, Korea, in June!  So we’re working our way through this incredible epistle on this blog over the next few weeks.

Coming up with as many questions as one can is sometimes a great way to begin such a study.  So here are seventeen questions on Galatians chapter two!  There is no need to try to answer these questions at this point.

Seventeen questions on Galatians chapter two:
1. Where was Paul and what was he doing during those 14 years (v. 1)?
2. Study all you can about Barnabas and Titus (v. 1).
3. Why Paul’s emphasis on receiving a “revelation”? What does he mean (v. 2)?
4. Paul shows respect for “those esteemed as leaders” concerning the gospel he was preaching. Who were those leaders? (v. 2).
5. Why was Titus not compelled to be circumcised? Didn’t Paul circumcise Timothy during one missionary journey (v. 3)?
6. List every use of the word “freedom” or “free” in this epistle of Galatians (v. 4).
7. How do we “preserve” the “truth of the gospel” today (v. 5)?
8. Paul speaks of those “who were held in high esteem.” How did they respond to Paul and his gospel message (vv. 6-7)?
9. Does Paul identify those esteemed leaders in verse 9?
10. How much does God care about the poor, according to verse 10?
11. Any idea why Paul refers to Peter as “Cephas” (vv. 9, 11, 14)?
12. What was Cephas’ sin and how had he compromised the gospel (vv. 11-21)?
13. The Bible speaks of a godly fear, but it also talks about the fear of man. What was Cephas’ fear (v. 12)?
14. “Even Barnabas was led astray” — How had Cephas led Barnabas astray (v. 13)?
15. Summarize the issue of justification in these verses (vv. 11-21).
16. What does Paul mean by asking if Christ promotes sin in verse 17?
17. How do we “die” to the law (v. 19)?

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