One Hundred Questions about the Book of GALATIANS! (Ch. 5)

30 Apr

Wow!  KOREA!   I’m excited to be going to Jeju Island to teach the book of Galatians to students at the Word of Life Bible Institute.

In preparation (I’ve never taught the book of Galatians), we’re asking a bunch of questions about this amazing epistle.  Let’s pose some queries (my Mom would have been proud of my use of that word) about chapter 5:

Eighteen Questions about Galatians chapter five:

1. Why has Christ set us free (v. 1)?
2. How should the Galatian believers respond to the slave-makers (v. 1)?
3. The big deal seems to be circumcision. Why would Paul say that if they let themselves be circumcised, “Christ will be of no value to you at all” (v. 2)? That’s pretty dramatic!
4. One would, therefore, be obligated to obey the whole law. But aren’t we obligated to obey God’s law anyway? How does verse 4 help us understand this issue?
5. To try to be justified “by the law” = being alienated from Christ! It means falling away from grace! What does “falling away from grace” mean (v. 4)?
6. What is it that really “counts” in Christ Jesus (v. 6)?
7. What is meant by “faith expressing itself through love” (v. 6)?
8. The analogy of a race: The Galatians were “running a good race.” But someone “cut in on [them].” What does that mean (v. 7).
9. How should we respond to the truth, according to verse 7?
10. There was a book years ago about advertising called The Hidden Persuaders. What is the persuasion Paul refers to here in verse 8?
11. What or whom is Paul quoting in verse 9? What’s the point of that aphorism?
12. The Apostle is engaged in a mental battle to persuade the Galatians not to put themselves back under the law. He is seeking to persuade. Is his confidence in his own reasoning powers (v. 10)?
13. This is no small matter that Paul is grappling with. There is one who is “throwing [the Galatians] into confusion.” What is the “penalty” they will have to pay (v. 10)?
14. How does the offense of the cross get abolished, according to verse 11?
15. Paul uses strong language in verse 12 (“those agitators . . . [should] emasculate themselves!”). Is this an example of an imprecatory prayer?
16. Verse 13 reiterates the fact that we were “called to be free.” How is that freedom to be shown, according to verses 13-15?
17. What, specifically, does it mean to “walk by the Spirit” (verses 16-26)?
18. Make a chart listing the 15 acts of the flesh and the 9 fruit of the Spirit (vv. 19-22). Pick one of the fruit of the Spirit to begin working on!

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