Major Themes in the Book of Galatians (Ch. 2 Part 1)

16 May

Jeju Island, Korea, is a long ways from here (South Carolina)!  But I’m looking forward to teaching the book of Galatians to a group of undergraduate students at the Word of Life Bible Institute there.

We are working our way through this six-chapter letter, noticing the particular themes important to the Apostle Paul.

Here in chapter two, we learn more about Paul’s travels after his conversion.

One theme here is Paul’s sense of accountability to leadership.  After a mysterious 14 years, Paul visits Jerusalem, taking Barnabas and Titus along with him.  After receiving a “revelation,” he meets privately with “those esteemed as leaders” (v. 2).

He presents his understanding of the gospel that he was preaching to the Gentiles and seems somewhat surprised that the Greek Titus was not asked to be circumcised (v. 3).

I can imagine Titus’ relief when he heard that.  But this issue of circumcision becomes a focal point of much of this book of Galatians.

Paul is given “the right hand of fellowship” by the Jerusalem leaders and asked that he would remember the poor in his ministry.  Anyone given you the right hand of fellowship recently?

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