Major Themes in the Book of Galatians (Ch. 3 Part 4)

02 Jun

We’ve seen a number of themes in this book of Galatians (in preparation for my teaching this book to the students at the Word of Life Bible Institute in Korea).  Let’s notice an additional theme here in chapter three.

The Apostle gets a bit legal in verses 15-22. He speaks of a covenant. God made a covenant with Abraham — and 430 years later the law was introduced. God’s promise to Abraham was not done away with by the law.

Why was the law given? It was given to show us our sin, not to save us! (v. 19). The law could not impart life. In fact, the law “locked up everything under the control of sin” (v. 22). It was our guardian until Christ came so that we might be justified by faith.

Without a knowledge of our sin, we wouldn’t know we needed a Savior — who comes to us by faith. Praise Him today for His incredible salvation!



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