Major Themes in the Book of Galatians (Ch. 4 Part 1)

06 Jun

Here in Galatians 4 we see several critical themes that will necessitate a number of posts.  Let’s look at the 1st half of chapter four this morning.

Here we have a discussion of being an heir, being subject to a guardian, and being underage as a slave.  But at the right time God sent forth His Son to make us His sons!  We have now become heirs (v. 7).

Although there is much here, let me suggest that Paul is relishing in the theme of a personal relationship with the living God (vv. 8-11).  He describes the Galatians’ lives as: formerly when they did not know God and were slaves to idols.  And now when they can be described as knowing God (but tempted to turn back to slavery) (v. 9).

What an amazing expression: “But now that you know God”!  I know God.  You know God. Everyone who has come to faith in Christ “knows” God!  Wow!  John Piper was right to write a book with the title God Is the Gospel!

But Paul interrupts himself with what I call a theological afterthought. He says, “Now that you know God — or rather are known by God” (v. 9).  What’s more important in the universe than my knowing God?  His knowing me!  This is the language of personal relationship!

How personal are you going to be with the Lord today?  Remember, He knows you!





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