Major Themes in the Book of Galatians (Ch. 4 Part 2)

08 Jun

How serious is your ZEAL for the Lord? Most of us don’t even use the word ZEAL (unless we’re playing Scrabble and there’s a triple letter tile available). What is real zeal? In this fourth chapter of Galatians, Paul is doing his very best to warn these believers about succumbing to a false gospel, a gospel of justification by the law. And there is no lack of enthusiasm on the part of these false teachers to entice others to their side.

Most of life would be a lot better if we had more zeal, more enthusiasm, don’t you think?  Here in verses 17-20 Paul deals with real zeal!

These false teachers are zealous to win these Galatians over to another gospel.  But in their mission, they are really trying to separate these believers from Paul and his influence (v. 17).  And zeal begets zeal.  These teachers want to draft the Galatians into being zealous for their gospel, which is no gospel at all!

There’s nothing wrong with zeal, IF its purpose is good.  One ought always to be zealous (v. 18).  But our zeal ought to center on Christ being formed in others (v. 19).  And that kind of zeal is an automatic cure for spiritual perplexity (v. 20)!

How might your ZEAL for the Lord be shown today?





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