Why Should We Believe Anything at All? (Part 3)

04 Jan

On Sunday January 27 and February 3 I will be preaching at Cedarcroft Bible Chapel in New Jersey.  I want to do a two-part series entitled —

Of the four sources for one’s beliefs (REASON, EXPERIENCE, ECCLESIASTICAL TRADITION, and SUPERNATURAL REVELATION), we believe that the 66 books of the Bible ought to be our final authority for what we believe about God, man, sin, etc.

The following conclusions flow from such a commitment to God’s inspired Word, the Bible.
1. In terms of Introductory Matters, faith makes sense and is based on God’s Word.
2. Concerning Bibliology, we have every reason to believe that God has communicated truth about Himself to everyone (general revelation) and has given us His Word (Special Revelation). God is there — and He is not silent!
3. Concerning the area known as Theology Proper (the study of God), we can have confidence that the God of the Bible is real, displays certain attributes (love, justice, mercy, holiness, etc.), and is One with Whom we can have a personal relationship through Jesus Christ!
4. Regarding the area of Christology, we can study the Person and Work of the Lord Jesus, confident that He is both fully divine and fully human. As the saying goes, if He is not Lord of all, He is not Lord at all.
5. Concerning the doctrine of the Holy Spirit (Pneumatology), we can be certain that He is personal and fully divine, the Third Person of the Trinity. And the Holy Spirit works in believers (leading, filling, illuminating, convicting). He is One with Whom we can have an on-going relationship.

In summary — Why Believe Anything at All?  The answer is — we already believe many things.  Our job is to figure out why we believe certain things, submit ourselves to the final authority of the Scriptures, and REJOICE in the truths about reality which the Bible, God’s Word, gives us!  Are you rejoicing this morning? (we will ask what conclusions follow in the second set of five doctrines in our next post)

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