Getting to Know . . . Ephesians Chapter 2! (Part 1: WHAT WE WERE!)

06 Jan

Friends: My next trip to work with Cedarcroft BIble Chapel is fast approaching.  I will speak both Sundays (Jan. 27 and Feb. 3), as well as teach two Sunday School classes.  For the two Sunday School classes I’ve been asked to cover Ephesians 2.  What a great chapter!

The first Sunday, January 27, is to cover Ephesians 2:1-10.  Let’s look at that text carefully this morning:

Here are some preliminary notes that I’ve taken on this incredible passage:
1. I’ve experimented a bit with colors.  The BLUE represents what we were B.C. (before we trusted Christ as our Savior).  The RED stands for what the Lord did for us.  The GREEN what impact His actions had or is having in our lives.
2. Let’s think about WHAT WE WERE B.C.  Verse 1 says we were “dead in [our] transgressions and sins.”  The word “transgression” (παράβασις) literally means “a going aside, overstepping, deviation” and comes from two words meaning “contrary” and “to go.”

Let’s think about this term TRANSGRESSIONS:  It is used 7 times in the NT: Rom. 2:23 (a breaking of the Law); 4:15 (where there is no law, there is no transgression); 5:14 (a reference to Adam’s transgression) (the Law was added because of transgressions); Gal. 3:19; I Tim. 2:14 (Eve was deceived and fell into transgression); Heb. 2:2 (every violation and every disobedience received its just punishment); and Heb. 9:15 (for the redemption of the transgressions/sins committed under the first covenant.

We were dead in our overstepping, our deviation, from God’s laws!  But, thank God!, those transgressions can be redeemed by the Lord!

Let’s think about the term SINS (v. 1).  The term “sin” is the common word ἁμαρτία and is used 173 times in the New Testament and indicates “wrongdoing, any act contrary to the will and law of God, offense.”  We were DEAD in our transgressions and sins!  Some of us haven’t attended our own spiritual funerals, have we?  We must acknowledge our demise in our sins.

We have interesting ways of describing someone’s death in our culture, don’t we?  They have “passed away,” “passed on,” or simply “passed.”  More colloquially, they have “bought the farm.” People need to realize that before God and before they trust Christ as their Savior, they are DEAD!  They have nothing to offer the Lord.  If they are to be saved, that saving action will have to come from outside themselves!

Prayer for Today:  “Lord, please refresh my mind with Your truth. I need to be reminded of my previous condition of deadness before You.  Thank You for doing what needed to be done to save me.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.”


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