Getting to Know . . . 2 Samuel (chapter 11) David’s Sins and Displeasing the Lord! (Part 1)

06 Apr

Our passage for today has got to be one of the saddest in all of Scripture! King David, the man of God, falls and falls greatly. Like many unfortunate spiritual leaders, he gives in to the dark side of his sexuality. His sins are not just against Bathsheba and Israel and Uriah. The worst, as we will read, is that he “displeased the Lord.” But let’s read through the text first:

Several observations of this text:
1. Apparently David was not where he should have been (v. 1). He is not off engaged in some God-ordained war against his enemies, even though it was the spring “at the time when kings go off to war.” But he is at war nonetheless —with his own temptations.
2. In his leisure David goes up on the roof and sees Bathsheba bathing (v. 2). Nothing in the text suggests that she is being intentionally provocative. As we men know, women don’t have to be for our minds to begin to race. Someone has said, “all the woman has to do is show up!” The temptation is in David’s mind, not in Bathsheba’s inappropriate conduct.
3. Bathsheba’s beauty causes David to send someone to find out about her (v. 3). Incredibly, the servant not only learns her name but says to King David, “she is . . . the wife of Uriah the Hittite.” David knew the law. He knew the texts which forbade adultery.
4. But he turned away from what he knew was true and gave in to what he wanted. He “sent messengers to get her.” (v. 4). One comes to the king when one is “invited.” This was no innocent invitation. This was a rape in the making.
5. David sleeps with Bathsheba at a time that she could quite conceivably conceive (v. 4). And she sends David word, a message of only three words, most feared by many men: “I am pregnant” (v. 5).
6. Now David has a problem. Her husband is off at war (where David should have been). He has Joab, the commander of Israel’s army, send Uriah the Hittite back home to David (v. 6). (to be continued)

A few takeaways for me:
1. Not being where one should be + an abundance of leisure time = the possibility of overwhelming temptation!
2. We should look for warning signs sent by God to keep us from sin!
3. All of us have a measure of power. We must be careful how we use our power and authority.
4. As someone has said, “Sin will out!” In other words, sin has a way of not remaining private.

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