Habits of Holiness: #3- A Heart for Lost People!

13 Apr

“Only six months?! Doc, you’ve got to be kidding me!” “No, Larry. It’s true. You only have six months (that’s 180 days or 4,320 hours or 259,200 minutes or 15,552,000 seconds) left on this earth.” Then I woke up.

But what if that were true? What if I had only 15,552,000 seconds remaining in the hour glass of my life? What would I do for the next six months? How would my life change? What priorities would take center stage in my life? How would such news impact my relationship with others — my unsaved friends, my fellow Christians, my wife, my children and grandchildren?

Now, I’ve not been told that I only have six months to live, but what if that were true?

We’ve looked at two holy habits that ought to be in our lives — even if we’ve got twenty more years to live: (1) we must spend time in God’s Word, and (2) we’ve got to stop playing at praying!

The Lord has also been burdening my heart the last few years with the truth that many of us are NOT friends of sinners like the Lord Jesus was (Mt. 11:19).

I feel so strong about our proclivity to listen only to Christian music, have only Christian wallpaper, hang around only Christian people, and eat only Christian casseroles that I’ve recently written a book entitled Unlike Jesus: One Area Where Jesus-Followers Excel. Granted, it’s a bit of a negative title, but I believe we need to be awakened from an ungodly enchantment that says the fewer non-Christian friends we have the holier we are. That’s a belief that smells like smoke and comes from the PIT!

An assignment for you: Spend some time with one of your unsaved friends this week. Leave a comment below how your time together went.





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