Getting to Know . . . 2 Samuel (chapter 12) The Rebuke of David’s Sin (Part 2)

14 Apr

“Rebuke the king?”, Nathan might have thought to himself. But that’s what the Lord calls him to do. Let’s read over 2 Samuel 12 and then make a few more observations:

We have seen that Nathan’s obedience to the Lord provides several guidelines for us when we need to confront another person with their sin.

Here are several of those principles:

1. Make sure you are sent by the Lord (v. 1).

2. Use wisdom in your confrontation (vv. 1-4). The story that Nathan tells – with the heart-touching details of a family pet being stolen and barbequed by an evil rich man incenses David! And when David says, “As surely as the Lord lives, the man who did this must die” (v. 5), he condemns himself!

3. Speak directly about the sin (vv. 7ff). The “man,” by the way, is the word ISH in Hebrew. Nathan says in verse 7, “ISH! You are the man, David!”

4. Review God’s acts of kindness and goodness in the person’s life (vv. 8-10). Nathan reminds David what the Lord had given him and what the Lord was ready to further give him – if he had only asked!

5. Speak of the awful evil of despising God’s word (vv. 9-10). Please notice that despising the word of the Lord and despising the Lord Himself are equivalent expressions in these verses.

6. Warn the person of God’s hatred of sin and His power to bring judgment into one’s life (vv. 11-14). The Lord will bring calamity on David from his own household. Someone will sleep with his wives in broad daylight before all Israel (David’s sin was in secret)!

(to be continued)

A couple of takeaways for today:
1.God hates sin and must punish it!
2. We are wired up to get outraged at another’s sin but minimize our own!
3. We need people in our lives who will lovingly confront us with our sin!
4. It is always right to remind each other of the Lord’s kindnesses to us!

Your thoughts?

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