A Few Thoughts on Prayer (from the book Resilient Ministry)

05 Jun

This book, Resilient Ministry by Bob Burns, Tasha D. Chapman, and Donald C. Guthrie, is quite helpful. Its subtitle — “What Pastors Told Us About Surviving and Thriving” — orients the reader to the book’s (and the study’s) purpose.

Here are several quotes about PRAYER that I found challenging:

“All who have walked with God have viewed prayer as the main business of their lives.” (Richard Foster in The Celebration of Discipline).

The Puritan Thomas Goodwin shared: “That our fallen nature is actually allergic to God and never wants to get too close to him. Thus our fallen nature constantly pulls us away from prayer.”

“For the majority of the Christian centuries most pastors have been convinced that prayer is the central and essential act for maintaining the essential shape of the ministry to which they were ordained. . . . Have conditions changed so much in our age that prayer is no longer fit to be the formative act? Have developments in theology shown other things to be central and prayer at the periphery? Or have we let ourselves be distracted, diverted, and seduced. I think we have.” (Eugene Peterson, Working the Angles).

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