Living Now in Light of the Future (A Series of Messages on 2 Corinthians 12) Part 4

09 Aug

Linda and I will be at Camp Elim in Colorado September 23-24 for their “Heritage Retreat.” I will be speaking on one of my favorite passages, 2 Corinthians 12:1-10. These posts will allow me to think out some of what I want to say in those four messages.

Paul’s final evidence of his apostleship (of which he boasts) is this vision of or trip to heaven.

There have been many who have claimed to literally go to heaven, usually during a traumatic time of injury. Here are several books that make the claim of having actually gone to heaven — and come back!

Each of these books have been carefully read and evaluated by Bible-believing followers of Jesus — and found wanting!

How do these so-called trips to heaven differ from Paul’s trip (or vision) here in 2 Corinthians 12? In every way!  He waited 14 years to tell of his experience (v. 2)! He was clearly told not to give any details about his what he heard and saw (v. 4). For his trouble Paul was given, not book tours, but a thorn in his flesh. To keep him humble (“to keep me from becoming conceited,” v. 7).

This “thorn” was so severe that it drove Paul to his knees in repetitive prayer for rescue! We don’t need extra-biblical (outside the Bible) experiences of others to convince us that heaven is real. We have God’s infallible Word! (to be continued)






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