An Examination of I Timothy 3:1-11 (Part 1): God’s Concern for LEADERS!

15 Sep

Friends: Some of you know that Linda and I will be traveling to the pagan land of New Jersey September 28 to October 7. Cedarcroft Bible Chapel is having me speak on the two Sundays September 29 and October 6. I also get to teach Sunday School both Sundays and I’ve been assigned I Timothy 3 as my text. This morning let’s begin a multi-part study of that passage.

We’ll look at I Timothy 3:1-11 for September 29 and then later at I Timothy 3:12-16 for the October 6th Sunday School.

Let’s begin with a few observations of this text:

1. First, this passage is clearly a discussion of leadership in the church. Verses 1-7 are about overseers and verses 8-10 concern deacons. Verse 11 may be speaking about deaconesses.
2.The qualifications for both these offices (overseers and deacons) are quite extensive.

May I ask you this morning to take a few minutes to pray specifically for the leaders in your church — the elders and deacons who seek to serve Christ as they serve you?

I just did this. Join me? (to be continued)

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