An Examination of I Timothy 3:12-16 (Part 6): Behaving Yourself!

20 Sep

Getting ready for our trip to New Jersey, September 28 to October 7. I get to teach Sunday School at Cedarcroft Bible Chapel on both September 29 and October 6.

We’ve looked at I Timothy 3 (vv. 1-11) in our previous five posts. Let’s begin a brief study of I Timothy 3:12-16. There we read —

A few observations as we begin thinking through this second part of I Timothy 3:

1. Paul has returned to the topic of deacons (vv. 12-13). Leadership matters in the local church — and deacons are not just table servants (as some interpret Acts 6).
2. Paul then gives his reasons for instructing these believers — they need to know how to conduct themselves in God’s household (v. 15).
3. He then provides one of the earliest creedal statements in all of Scripture in verse 16. He is speaking of the “mystery” from which true godliness springs. And that “mystery” is none other than Christ — incarnated, resurrected, preached, believed on, and glorified!

What greater foundation could Paul have for instructing us how to behave ourselves in the church than the Person and Work of the Lord Jesus?

Thank the Lord today for the solid foundation we have for conducting ourselves properly among God’s people! (to be continued)




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