On Becoming Seventy! A Few Reflections (Part 5 of 7) N=NEWNESS!

31 Jan

Groundhogs’ Day. February 2nd. That’s my birthday! Now, I think that Groundhogs’ Day ought to be declared a national holiday. This furry creature comes out of its comfortable underground home to prognosticate about the next six weeks of weather — Surely that deserves to be honored as a national holiday!

But it’s also my birthday. My 70th birthday. And as it approaches, I want to think about a couple of issues before it is “here.”

We’re using the acronym SEVENTY as our guide. We’ve thought about the letter “S” (survival), the letter “E” (for engagement), the letter “V” (for victory), and the letter “E” for (evangelism). Let’s think about the letter “N” for NEWNESS.

I am getting opportunities to teach in places like Myanmar, Zambia, and Ethiopia. Romania and Brazil might be in the future. I get to train national church leaders (pastors and evangelists) who already know the national language!

I want to be open to new adventures for Christ. Several days ago I had lunch with Dr. Leighton Ford. Dr. Ford was an associate evangelist with Dr. Billy Graham (and married Graham’s sister). We had a great lunch together. What an encouraging brother! He prayed for my next 18 years (he’s 88) that the Lord would use me greatly.

Would you pray with me? “Lord of New Adventures, would you guide me in the years which you give me by Your grace to step boldly into whatever pleases You and advances Your Kingdom? In Jesus’ name. Amen.”


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